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Series History and Philology


Year 2005 Issue 2 Total articles: 33
Author(-s) Name of article Pages
Donetskikh L.I. The correlation of the Sound and meaning in A. A. Fet's poetry 5-14
Karakulova M.K. The perception of alien languages 15-20
Krasnova T.A. About the Structure of English Prose Rhythm 21-25
Litvinova V. Lingua-aesthetic peculiarities of the Russian translation of Alice in Wonderland by L. Carroll 26-30
Metlyakova E. V. Antonyms as the means of expression of contrast in poetry by A. A. Akhmatova 31-34
Nelzina J.A. Colour concept in a mythological discourse (based on Prishvin's texts) 35-40
Pushina L.A. The history of the genre poem in prose in the French literature 41-46
Rakhmatullina E.A. Time in cosmogonic model of the World of Ju. Kuznetsov 47-52
Tuktangulova E.V. The representation of the concept life in Zabolotsky's view of the world (based on the cycle of works Gorodskie stolbtsy) 53-56
Filatova O.M. The poetic heritage of H. Heine in Russian translations 57-62
Florya A.V. A linguaestheic interpretation of the story Aldebaranus by Yu.Olesha 63-74
Vorontsova T.A. Destructive Speech Behavior in a Public Dialogue 75-80
Gromova V.M. Social Approaches in Communication 81-84
Danilova M. J. On some functional features of the use of a metaphorical nomination in publicism 85-90
Kuptchinaus N. On restructuration of adoptive foreign stems in Russian (based on the Lomonosov's language) 91-98
Lashkevitch O.M. The Semantics of Blendings in Modern English 99-104
Milutina M.G. Subject and Object Types in Conative Situations 105-112
Milutina M.G. Aspect Contrast types of conative situations in terms of temporal relations 113-116
Savchenko T.V. Language interaction in business communication 117-120
Ursegova E.B. General approaches to the elaboration of the practical course of the Russian language for the speciality «Russian as a foreign languge» 121-124
Sheidayeva S.G. The Generalizing function of the onim in the essay Decline by S.N.Terpigorev 125-132
Yushkova L.A. Conversion as a productive way of the word-formation in the modern German youth vocabulary 133-140
Votyakova I.A. Some peculiarities of the nouns ending in -ist (-ista) in the Russian and Spanish languages (based on dictionaries) 141-146
Gelberg S.Ya. Ethnic contacts of the English language historic development 147-152
Verba G. The special use of the verbal forms in the Spanish and Russian official and legal texts 153-160
Zhdanova E.A. The Word building nest with the stem -zhad- in the Russian dialects of Udmurtia (semantic derivation problem) 161-166
Kilina L.F. Semantics of the adjective dobryj in Tales of Temporary Years on Lavrentjev's list 167-174
Nikiforova S.A. The semantics of the composites with the initial зъл - in Menaias XI-XIV centuries: the syntagmatic valency as a tool of the scope and specific character of the semantic field 175-182
Osokina V.A. The first stage of the category comprehension of non-prefix verbs with the suffix -iva-/-yva in the Russian language (the concept of multiple aspect in grammatical papers of the first half of the XIX century) 183-186
Osokina V.A. Non-prefix verbs with the suffix -iva-/-yva in terms of the theory of degrees 187-190
Sharafutdinova A.G. The Iranian and Turkic factors in paleolinguistic study of the ethnic-linguistic situation in the Volga-Kama region and bordering territories on it 191-198
Gryzlova G.A. About the category of modality in archeological texts 199-204
Year 2005 Issue 2 Total articles: 33