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Series History and Philology


Year 2006 Issue 1 Total articles: 16
Author(-s) Name of article Pages
Zvereva T.V. «Zhaleju, chto ja ne zhivopisecz...» (the forms of time in the story «Bednaya Lisa» by N.M.Karamzin) 3-9
Tcherashnyaya D.I. «Chto, jesli mozhno?..» (once more about the puzzle poem «Graf Nulin» by A.S.Pushkin) 10-34
Izmestyeva N.S. About one of the Gospel plots in F.M.Dostoyevsky («The return of wandering sun» in the novel «Podrostok») 35-46
Faziulina I.V. «I attach great importance the dreams...» (the typology of onerous visions in the F.M.Dostoevsky's early creative work) 47-55
Medvedeva N.G. I. Brodsky and tradition of ancient bukolics 56-69
Tamarkina E.A. The search of spiritual sense of love in folk ballads 70-78
Korotaeva I.V. Apocrypha «Circulation Bogoroditsa on torments» and bogoroditsa's motives in a context of creativity Dostoevsky 79-85
Grachev А.P. The problem of one quotation 86-96
Rebel G.M. The Pushkin's images and themes in the story «Asya» by I.S. Turgenev 97-110
Ledneva T.P. The nature of M.Gorky creative imagination in his coevals' interpretation 111-120
Neganova O.N. «Ya pletu, pletu venok...»: about 'polivariativnost «alexandrijskogo» texta' by Mikhail Kuzmin 121-128
Kagirova O.M. Psychological plot of the «The story of the outstanding moon» by B. Pilnyak 129-142
Maslova M.V. Genre peculiarities and narrator character in the book of Vladimir Nabokov «Nikolai Gogol» 143-150
Khouzina M.K. Short poetic form in national literature 151-158
Mosaleva G.V. 159-171
Year 2006 Issue 1 Total articles: 16