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Series History and Philology


Year 2006 Issue 2 Total articles: 30
Author(-s) Name of article Pages
Borisova V.M. The asymmetrical nature of contrast 3-8
Gagarina N.N. The language peculiarities of the idiostyle by Saltykov-Shedrin 9-14
Gromova V.M. Personal advertisement as а speech genre of computer-mediated communication 15-20
Gryzlova G.A. About the correlation of the compositions of speech patterns in the archeological texts 21-24
Dolganova A.Yu. The creation of the names of commercial enterprises on the basis of proper names 25-30
Donetskikh L.I. The philological interpretation of Valentina Kostishar's poem "Where to? To perfection is" presented 31-40
Ivshina T.P., Eshmemeteva О. The poet's death by B. Pasternak as an allusion to the poem by M. Lermontov 41-46
Kalinina Е. The origins of disjoint prefixes 47-52
Kasimova A. R. The lyrical cycle in the poetry of Anna Akhmatova 53-58
Kilina L.F. Semantic space of the substantive "Sin" and its functioning in the context (based on the "Povest Vremenykh let") 59-68
Kiseleva V.V. Fact operating methods and text structure of linguistic types of a personality 69-72
Kopysova E.A. Colour features in early L. Andreev's works 73-78
Lelis E.I. The concept of "freedom" in A.P. Chekhov's idiolect (based on the author's language personality) 79-86
Litvinova V. The interpretation of "The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle" by H.Lofting in the version of K. Chukovsky 87-94
Markova E.V. Which colour can revolutions be? 95-98
Metlyakova E. V. Distant identical repetitions in the poetry by A. Akhmatova 99-104
Nelzina J.A. Qualitative colour adjectives and verbs as idiostyle means of artistic concept realization in Prishvin's texts 105-112
Nikiforova S.A. Composites with initial бого- and благо- In Ilina book (РГАДА, Тип. 131) XI-XII ss.: definition (determination) of conceptual connections on the basis of Greek-slavonic correlations 113-126
Osokina V.A. Suffixes as category forming elements concerning verbs with and without prefixes in the Slavonic languages 127-132
Rakhmatullina E.A. Myth characteristics 133-140
Ursegova E.B. Characteristics of the scientific annotation 141-148
Filatova O.M. Intertextuality as the category of the text 149-154
Florya A.V. Logical transgressions in the novel "The dog's heart" 155-162
Sharafutdinova A.G. Coming into usage as a system of the Iranian morphemes in the Volga-Kama region 163-174
Sheidayeva S.G. Response action of different types of language personalities in the situation of inaccurate citing 175-184
Borisova V.M. Тhe author's personality as a category of the text 185-190
Gryzlova G.A. About the correlation of cognitive components in the archeological texts 191-194
Ivshina T.P. The analysis of the story by A.Averchenko 195-198
Lelis E.I. The communicative aspect in teaching 199-202
Nelzina J.A. The color concept in the fiction 203-208
Year 2006 Issue 2 Total articles: 30