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Series History and Philology


Year 2007 Issue 1 Total articles: 32
Author(-s) Name of article Pages
Vakhrusheva L.V. Modern bilingual language education 3-8
Dudyreva A.V. , Krasnova T.A. Prosodic interference in learning languages of different types (based on the analysis of interrogative intonation) 9-12
Efremov D.A. Moderative of adjectives in the present-day Udmurt language 13-16
Kel’makov V.K. About spelling of early printed Gospel in Sarapul dialect of Udmurt language 17-24
Kondratyeva N.V. Formation and use of the category of aspect in Udmurt 25-34
Kochina O.V. About the grammatical homonymy of verbal formations with m- component in the Udmurt language 35-38
Krasnova T.A. The role of lexis and intonation in the expression of implication 39-44
Lashkevitch O.M. Word-building Tendencies in Modern English 45-52
Orlova A.I. , Markova S.G. "Now Latin's gone quite out of favour"? 53-56
Osokina V.A. Verbs without prefixes with the suffix -ива /- ыва as the part of the language situation of the late Middle Ages 57-62
Repina T.Yu. The Imperative Mood, its morphological and pragmatic peculiarities of functioning in the Udmurt language 63-68
Samarova M.A. Appellative lexsis in Udmurt micro-toponimy 69-74
Shutov A.F. Instrumental and elative cases in the Udmurt language: the ways of expressing causality 75-78
Arekeeva S.T. Peculiarities of A. Eric's poetry 79-88
Arzamazov А.A. About one aspect of poetic visuality: the constructive graphic in the lyrical discourse of P. Zakharov 89-92
Vanyushev V.M. The return of batyrs 93-102
Vladykina T.G. 103-108
Glukhova G.A. Disguising as playing. Playing elements in disguising 119-114
Zaitseva T.I. Marginal Character by Oleg Chetkarev: Traditional Background and Change of the Esthetic Code 115-122
Il'ina N.V. Through the pain of non-existence (ontological categories of time and space in the worldview of a besserman poet M. Fedotov) 123-132
Lozhkina E.V. Vumurt (water-sprite) in the Udmurt fairy-tale tradition 133-136
Panteleeva V.G. Imaginative translation in the Finno-Ugric world: history and present-day situation 137-144
Platunov D.N. Tendencies in the Development of Criticism about Udmurt Literature for Children 145-150
Skopkaryova S.L. A neomyth in the context of present-day Russian literature 151-154
Fedorova L.P. Reminiscences as a genre of contemporary Udmurt feminine prose 155-162
Shibanov V.L. Ethnofuturism: between archaic myth and European postmodernism 163-168
Shushakova G.N. Content and means of expressing concepts of life and death in Udmurt present-day folklore tradition 169-176
Bulycheva E.A. , Orlova A.I. Controversial questions relating to voice forms 177-180
Egorov A.V. The materials for «Udmurt-Hungarian-Russian Phraseological Dictionary» 181-184
Nekrasova A.V. Out-of-school work in a foreign language at university 185-186
Strelkova O.B. On the use of postpositions with the numerals in Udmurt 187-190
Chirkova G.P. Self-study in the cognitive process as a factor of professional pedagogical purposefulness of students as future teachers 191-194
Year 2007 Issue 1 Total articles: 32