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Series History and Philology


Year 2007 Issue 2 Total articles: 31
Author(-s) Name of article Pages
Ageyeva M.G. Person versus the System of Justice in John Grisham's Legal Thrillers 3-12
Beliaeva O.N. The Russian Anacreontea as translators' poetic tournament 13-18
Gagarina N.N. Aesthetic functions of the compounds in the assay Za rubezhom (Overseas) by Saltykov-Shchedrin 19-28
Zheleznova Yu.V. Тhe analysis of basic units of the lexico-semantic field «family relations» in Russian 29-38
Kasimova A. R. Lyrical cycle as idiostyle fixed component 39-42
Kasiyanova Yu.I. Argumentative discourse's methodology 43-52
Kiseleva V.V. Modern Technologies and Communication in the Segments of Social Fields 53-58
Kopylova T.R. The concepts of communication and communicación (some peculiarities of scientific thought) 59-66
Korotaeva I.V. The apocrypha «The Ordeal of the Blessed Virgen» in the final scene of the poem «Russian Women» by Nekrasov 67-72
Kuptchinaus N. Some researches on the semantics of the adjectives formed by the suffix -sk- (based on the written speech of M.V. Lomonosov) 73-82
Malykh L.M. The role of comparison as a cognitive operation in forming the meaning of proverbs and sayings 83-94
Medvedeva N.G. The point of view problem in the poem The artist portrait in his picture by O. Sedakova 95-104
Medvedeva T.S. Ordnung concept representation in the German language «mapping» of the world 105-114
Merzlyakova A.Kh. Semantic structure of polysemantic adjectives 115-122
Merzlyakova N.P. The problem of the modal verbs classification in modern German 123-130
Metlyakova E. V. Secondary nomination in poetry of A. Akhmatova (based on the collection of works «VECHER» (Evening) 131-136
Mishina G.V. The TISHINA (Silence) concept in creative works by N. Nekrasov: the embodiment of nature correlation 137-142
Nelzina J.A. The artistic colour symbol 143-146
Nikiforova S.A. Verbal-nominal base of composites of the Slavic-Russian text: to the question on genesis of the complex word 147-152
Osokina V.A. The description of the process of accumulation of verbs without prefixes with the suffixes -ива- /- ыва in business literature of the central region of Russia at the XIV - XVII centuries 153-158
Roeva C.M. The problems of the participle category status 159-166
Savchenko T.V. The particularities of language behavior in business communication (in Russian, English and French languages) 167-170
Sadykova М.А. Сoncepts Light and Darkness in the Text of the Bible 171-174
Teryoshina Yu.V. Teryoshina The interaction of categorial meanings in English causative get-constructions and their typology 175-186
Tkachenko N.M. The role of formal motivating elements in the process of pseudoword identification 187-192
Filatova O.M. Lingua-aesthetic components as an object of translation (based on the poem by H. Heine about Loreley) 193-202
Khasanova F.F. Russion and European Borrowings in Modern Tatar Poetry 203-208
Khouzina M.K. Lyricism of national prose (M. Magdeev and G. Krasilnikov) 209-214
Cherkasskaya N.N. Complex complaint as a device of successful use of institutional discourse 215-220
Shishkov D.Yu. The communicative function of the particles in the sentence 221-224
Shmeleva T.S. Semiotic peculiarities of English voice constructions 225-232
Year 2007 Issue 2 Total articles: 31