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History & Philology
Year 2009 Issue 1 Total articles: 25
Author(-s) Name of article Pages
Vorozhtsova I.B. Textual circulation in speech 3-10
Vorontsova T.A. Communicative Space in the Linguistic and Pragmatic Paradigm 11-17
Gusynina E.B. Linguistic and Extra-linguistic Foundations for Forming the Two-Component Anthroponymic Formula in the Old English Period 18-28
Donetskikh L.I., Kudryavtseva Yu.N. Black as a Coloured Image of the World in Alexander Blok's Poetry 29-42
Efremov D.A. Verb Government in the Udmurt Language 43-54
Karpova L.L. On the Structure of Syllables and Words in the Udmurt Language (to the statement of the problem) 55-72
Kondratyeva N.V. Formation and Use of the Category of Voice in the Udmurt Language 73-86
Krasnova T.A. Classification and Perception of Udmurt Interrogative Sentences 87-92
Kupchinaus N.E. Peculiarities of the Connotative Semantics of the Sentences with a Latent Agent Subject (based on the Russian war prose of the second half of the 20th century) 93-97
Levitsky Yu.A. Historic Discoveries in Linguistics 98-106
Malykh L.M. On the Problem of Studying Differences in Comparative Linguistics 107-119
Medvedeva T.S. On the Issue of Comparing Culture-Oriented Concepts 120-132
Milutina M.G. Peculiarities of Aspect and Tense Form Functioning within the Framework of the Genre of Contracts 133-139
Osipov B.I. The Orthographical Code of 1956 as a Historical Fact of Russian Culture 140-142
Osokina V.A. On the Equivalent Translation of Udmurt Iterative Verb Forms into Russian 143-146
Osokina V.A. The Description of the Process of Accumulation of Verbs without Prefixes with the Suffix -ива /- ыва in the Business Literature of the North-East Region of Russia in the XIVth - XVIIth centuries 147-152
Pushina L.A. On the Definition of Semantic Sylleps 153-159
Pushina N.I. Non-Finite Verb Forms in the Onomasiological and Cognitive Aspects 160-172
Sidorova M.Y. The Communicative Register and De-homonymization of Imperfective Forms in the Text 173-180
Utekhina A.N. Profession oriented technologies in language education improvement 181-186
Khasanova L.I. , Sheidayeva S.G., Shutova N.M. , , Theoretical Basis for Modeling the Culturological Content of Education Evolution of the Concept 'Danger' in the Stories 'Frigate Pallada' by I.A. Goncharov Translation and Text Linguistics 187 194 203 211 213-193 202 210 212 216
Sheidayeva S.G. Evolution of the Concept 'Danger' in the Stories 'Frigate Pallada' by I.A. Goncharov 194-202
Shutova N.M. Translation and Text Linguistics 203-210
Year 2009 Issue 1 Total articles: 25