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History & Philology
Year 2009 Issue 3 Total articles: 24
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Pavlova A.A. Dinners and feasts in Saltikov-Schedrin's «Gospoda Golovlevy» 5-11
Buchkina Е.А. Spatial structure of the Konstantin Balmont's novel Under the New Sickle (Pod Novym Serpom) by and its connection with the semantics of the rites of passage 12-21
Ivanshina E.A. The blue cap of Maria-Antuanetta: about tradition's image at the structure of Bulgakov's text 22-34
Zvereva T.V. Double portrait in N.V. Gogol's novel Starosvetskie landowners (Landowners of old times) 35-40
Kadochnikova I.S. Musical composition of «Cinematograph» by Ju. Levitanskii 41-50
Litovchenko A.S. Villier's de L'Isle Adan's literary portrait in M. Voloshin's book Faces of creativity 51-55
Dzutseva N.V. To problem of spiritual and consciousness in Viach. Ivanov's creation: CONSIENCE 56-64
Kuligina V.V. Cycle-made role of the time/date in the Rome's diary of 1944 by Viachislav Ivanov 65-71
Chevtaev A.A. The triptych The Return of Odyssey by N. Gumilev: the epic character in a lyrical narrative 72-84
Medvedeva N.G. On possible contextual meanings of O. Sedakova's poetic work «Evensong» 85-91
Romanova I.V., Matanenkova T.A. The problem of the lyrical communication in Tatiana Beck's early works 92-100
Barkovskaya N.V. The poetry of 2008: the problems and tendencyes 101-109
Kamitova A.V. Trials of translation of Udmurt heroic epic 110-115
Fedorova L.P. The Origin of Udmurt Female Prose 116-127
Arzamazov А.A. Symbolical code in cultural memory of P.M. Zaharov 128-133
Kharlushina A.A. Ode and periapt: about one «hidden» plot oeuvre of M.V. Lomonosov 134-136
Rysaeva A.V. V.V. Rozanov as a praсtic of aesthetic perfomans 137-143
Sedakova O.A. Dante's inspiration in Russian poetry 168-178
Sedakova O.A. Under sky of violence 179-193
Year 2009 Issue 3 Total articles: 24