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History & Philology
Year 2010 Issue 2 Total articles: 24
Author(-s) Name of article Pages
Zuga O.V. Special Internet-edition of Slavic Gospel and current issues in studying the history of the Russian language in the foreign audience 3-8
Kilina L.F. Linguistic-textological researches of Russian chronicals: statement of a problem 9-13
Nikiforova S.A. Composites прЬлюбодЬяниЕ / любодЬяниЕ (adultery / fornication) and cizoložství in Russian and Czech medieval Christian tradition: comparative aspect 14-21
Samarova M.A. Topoformants in hydronyms of Udmurt 22-28
Donetskikh L.I., Kudryavtseva Yu.N. Blue as a Coloured Jmage of the World in Alexander Blok's Poetry 29-39
Kuptsevichova Yelena The means for creating them in Russian weather lores 39-47
Kopylova T.R. On the issue of linguistic view of the world on the contents of scientific knowledge (on the example of воздействие/influencia, взаимодействие/ interacción, коммуникативное пространство/ espacio comunicativo) 48-53
Medvedeva T.S., Oparin M.V. The peculiarities of an ethno-specific concept's formation 54-58
Melnikova V.S. Synonyms representing the concept compassion in a lexicographical aspect 59-62
Milutina M.G., Nagovitsina Ya.S. Representation of Knowledge concept in the T.N. Tolstaya's «Kys'» novel 63-70
Sheidayeva S.G. Conceptual metaphor river - pedestrian in the hydrography 71-80
Levitsky Yu.A. Development and formation of language substance 81-84
Golovanova E.I. Basic cognitive categories and terminology science development 85-91
Kondratyeva N.V. Category of Substantive Number in Udmurt 92-101
Schetnikova M.V. Ontological and gnoseological aspect of quantity category 102-108
Lashkevitch O.M. Word-formation as a Source of new Morphemes 109-114
Krasnova T.A. The intonation of general question in Udmurt 115-120
Sidorova M.Y., Moiseeva G.V. The principles of professional-oriented teaching of Russian to future lawyers and economists 121-128
Milyutinskaya N.Yu. Phonological culture as a style-forming factor of speech communication 129-134
Makhankova N.V. Lingvo-culturological foundations of the modern language education content 135-138
Zahraei Seyed Hassan, Kochurova Yu.N., Nekrasova T.P., Prestigious word narabotki: on fashional Russian words functioning in the new era language Extralinguistic conditions as a factor of the lexical internationalization The blur of semantic and stylistic border in modern Russian speech 139 145 150 154-144 149 153 155
Kochurova Yu.N. Extralinguistic conditions as a factor of the lexical internationalization 145-149
Nekrasova T.P., The blur of semantic and stylistic border in modern Russian speech 150 154-153 155
Year 2010 Issue 2 Total articles: 24