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History & Philology
Year 2010 Issue 3 Total articles: 20
Author(-s) Name of article Pages
Lyapustin B.S. Phases and Conditions of Formation of Roman Familia as Economic Entity 3-10
Khalyavin N.V. Views on the role of church in the political history of Novgorod the Great in the modern national historiography 11-22
Kotlyarov D.A. The «serving tsar» - Kasan khan Mukhammed-Amin and the great principes of Russia 23-31
Grishkina M.V. The family as an economic unit and a transmitter of moral values of the Udmurt peasants (XVII - first half of the XIX century) 32-41
Teryukov A.I., Salmin A.K. The first museum collection of the clothing of Volga-Kama peoples in Kunstkamera of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences 42-51
Ivanova M.G. Interdisciplinary researches of fortification lines of the city Idnakar: structure and formation 52-60
Chernikh Ye.M. The research of Ananyino monuments in Udmurt Volga-Kama region and contemporary state of Ananyino studies 61-70
Goldina E.V. The special features of the beads of Verch-Sainsky cemetery in the Perm-Kama region in the VI - IX centuries 71-86
Starkova N.Yu. Diodor of Sicily about Sparta and Peloponess League 87-91
Yusova N.N., Yusov S.L. The first discussions by the academians on the problem of old-Russian folk (beginning of 1950th) 92-98
Gusev D.V. The book of N.F. Kapterev Patriarch Nicon and his opponents in matter of correction of church ceremonies. The time of patriarch Joseph and its criticism by contemporaries 99-105
Musikhin A.L. The government of the city Orlov on Vyatka-river in the second half of XVI c. 106-112
Nikitina G.A. The role of the region correspondents in forming of the ethnographic collections of the Russian Museum (based on Finno-Ugric data of I.K. Zelenov) 113-120
Vorontsov V.S., Ilyinsky S.I., Semenov Yu.V. The transformation of the confessional field in Udmurtia 121-129
Medvedeva T.S. The values of German people: history and modern time 130-134
Zolotykh V.R. R. Reagan and attempts of reforming the American welfare system in the 1980s 135-142
Shamanaev A.V. The formation of the archaeological excavations methods in the XIX century: instructive letters of N.N. Murzakevich and V.N. Urgevich (1878-1884) 143-149
Pastushenko I.Yu. Pastushenko The defence armour (bekhterets) from Bartym I settlement 150-152
Batalova L.V. Batalova Tourist-excursion activity in Udmurtia in 1930s 153-158
Year 2010 Issue 3 Total articles: 20