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History & Philology
Year 2011 Issue 1 Total articles: 21
Author(-s) Name of article Pages
Mitrofanov A.Yu. Collection Quesnelliana as a monument of the revival of the Roman Church law (problem of reconstruction) 3-9
Mayorov A.V. Between Novgorod and Askalon: on the history of foreign and cultural relations of Russian princes with the Holy Land in the second half of XII century 10-18
Makhlay M.F. Business correspondence documents of the central government offices as a source on the history of state industry in Russian Empire at the end of XIX - beginning of XXth centuries 19-31
Barmina N.N. The history of early Russian Marxism by the personal sources 32-41
Kotov B.S. The Germans in the agriculture settlements of South Russia by Russian press 42-49
Mitryakov A.E. Functioning problems of Bronze Age settlements in the Middle Kama region (on materials of ceramic assemblage of Zuevoclutchevskoe II settlement) 50-54
Kazantseva О.А. The pottery production of the ancient population of the Middle-Kama River (on the materials from the Tarasovsky cemetery of I-V centuries A.D.) 55-62
Zhikh M.I. The image of the Slavic governor Madzhk and his «family» V.Linana in the book of al-Mas'udi «The Golden Mines and the Jewel-Field» 63-67
Ivonin Yu.E. Prussian diplomacy to Russian Empire at the beginning of the war of the Austrian Succession 68-74
Vasina T.A. Medical and social living conditions of industrial workers of Izhevsk factory in XIXth century 75-82
Alferova I.V. Women during the «military communism»: adaptation practices 83-90
Zamyatina N.A. The peasantry of Udmurtia during the collectivization 91-97
Alexandrov Yu.V. Urbanization in the USSR: solving the housing problem in Neftekamsk in 1960-1980s 98-105
Melnik S.I., Pashin S.S. The development of the movement for the communist work at the Tyumen chemical-pharmaceutical factory in 1959-1965 106-109
Menshatova O.V. The development of printing basis of mass media in the Udmurt Republic in the years of Perestroika 110-115
Dautova R.V. N.S. Khrushchev and Foreign Journalism 116-123
Mosaleva G.V. A.N. Ostrovsky's Trilogy on the Times of Revolt: History and Poetry 124-128
Filatova O.D. The Idiosyncrasy of Annensky's Dramatic Experiments (Translations and Original Plays) 129-133
Zolotykh V.R. Social policy of the American conservatives in the studies of British and American scholars (historiographical review) 134-143
Pastushenko I.Yu. Pastushenko Was there an «Ugric epoch» in Kama-region? 144-151
Year 2011 Issue 1 Total articles: 21