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History & Philology
Year 2011 Issue 3 Total articles: 25
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Voytovich L.V. Vikings in the Central-Eastern Europe: mysteries of Ladoga and Plisnesk 3-15
Kotyshev D.M. On the History of the Formation of Statehood in Eastern Europe: 'Russian Land' in the Middle Dniepr Region in IXth - Xth centuries 16-25
Ivanova T.N., Myagkov G.P. In the center of «rehabilitation of attention»: E.N. Shchepkin and V.I. Gerye 26-34
Beloshapka N.V. The cultural cooperation of the USSR with the Western countries in the context of ideological opposition 35-44
Zolotykh V.R. The American conservatives and the creation of the integrated socio-political program at the end of 1990s. - the compassionate conservatism 45-54
Bernts V.A. Belts from the Zaborye Cemetery of the Udmurt Prikamye 55-60
Oleshkevich A.O. Bosporan polises and their mother countries 61-65
Markin A.N. The organization of the tax system in the Roman Republic 66-68
Shorokhov V.A. The Hungarians in the Northern Pontic according to the «Anonymous Note» 69-74
Vasichovskay N.S. Theodosius of Pechera and Sergey of Radonezh - the Founding Fathers of the «True Monkhood» in Russia 75-79
Khalyavin N.V. The Novgorod uprising by Stepanka in 1418 in the Soviet and modern home historiography 80-85
Shutova N.I. Lake in the traditional views of the peoples in the Kama-Vyatka region 86-92
Vanusheva K.V. Scholar communications in the history of home archeology (XVIIIth - the end of 1980s of XXth century) 93-98
Krylov E.V. Social and political factors of development of the tatar archaeological science in 1920-1930th 99-105
Alferova I.V. The Bolsheviks' female press in 1920s as mechanism of social construction of the «new Soviet woman» 106-111
Kopinova N.S. The forming of the public military organization in Izhevsk (1886-1910) 112-117
Votintceva N.A. The problems of development of tourist industry in Russia in the 1990s (December 1991 - December 1999) 118-124
Churikov А.V. Labour relations in the evacuee factories of heavy industry in the Chelyabinsk region (1941-1946) 125-129
Suleak S.G. Rusins: fragment of the history of the orthodox tradition 130-134
Kosareva I.A. The 'Kalmez' - an ethnic group of the Udmurt people (features of the traditional culture and location) 135-141
Doronin A.V. Myth of nation: suggestion for discussion 146-152
Year 2011 Issue 3 Total articles: 25