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History & Philology
Year 2011 Issue 4 Total articles: 26
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Rebel G.M. Polyphony: a stationary stone* of the literary term 3-7
Nagina K.A. «The idea of a garden» in the creation of L. Tolstoy: from «Cossacks» to «Resurrection» 8-17
Filatova O.D. The Idiosyncrasy of Annensky's Dramatic Experiments (Translations and Original Plays) 18-22
Chevtaev A.A. Functions and semantics of remembrance in the early poetry by N. Gumilev (On some aspects of lyrical structure of plot) 23-31
Kulikova Е.Yu. Strolls in the Lyric Poetry of Anna Akhmatova 32-39
Chizhikova A.A. The plot of the dead bride in the poetry of Anna Akhmatova 40-46
Skripova O.A. Command motif as a style feature of V. Mayakovsky of the Soviet period (by example of the poem Pro eto) 47-51
Kapinos E.V. Author-Character and the Oneiric Space in Ivan Bunin's Short Story «A Winter Dream» 52-58
Sabirova L.A. The subjective organization of Lunts's shot stories 59-69
Ivanshina E.A. The ornitological code of memory in M.A. Bulgakov's works 70-77
Sukhorukova Yu.A., Khryascheva N.P., Transformation of the principle of «poetic structure» in Paustovsky's short story «Plain in snow» 78-82
Arsenova T.A. Motion Picture as a Model of the Chronotope of the Past in Boris Ryzhy's Lyric Consciousness 83-89
Shirokova E.V. In search of the feminine discourse: aesthetic and poetic experiments in the Russian women`s prose of the end of 20th century 90-96
Sozina Ye.K. Genre variations in M. Paley's works and metamorphoses of Petersburg's novel 97-105
Lesnych N.V. «The Seagull by A.P. Chekhov» as the art provocation 106-109
Vladykina T.G., Glukhova G.A. Invu-Mumy - a ruler of the heavenly moisture in the traditional system of the Udmurt views of the world 114-119
Makarova V.F. The peculiarities of the Tatar humorous prose's formation 120-127
Kuo Gisyanizm in Tatar Poetry of the Early Twentieth Century: The Projection of Korean Poetry of 1920-30-ies 128-132
Kamitova A.V. Translations of «Lord's Prayer» from Russian into Udmurt in the beginning of the 19th century 133-142
Lelis E.I. The subtext and related notions 143-151
Donetskikh L.I., Lelis E.I. Rhythm and melodic pattern of literary text as the way of explication implied senses (the story by A.P. Chekhov Student) 152-165
Pushina N.I. The English Ing-form writing and Ing-form expressive grammar potential 166-172
Kushnina L.V. Translation Synergy: the Main Principles 173-177
Vorozhtsova I.B. The higher philological education: what are the competences? 178-185
Vorozhtsova T.B., Savchenko T.V. Technologies of accompaniment of students educational activity in the course of literature 186-193
Year 2011 Issue 4 Total articles: 26