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History & Philology
Year 2012 Issue 1 Total articles: 27
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Voytovich L.V. Vikings in the Central-Eastern Europe: mysteries of Ladoga and Plisnesk 3-11
Derbin E.N. M.D. Priselkov and the problem of princely power in the ancient Rus (to the anniversary of the scientist) 12-19
Kazantseva О.А., Vayznikov A.M. Burial constructions of ancient people of Middle Prikamye (on the materials from the Kudashevsky burial ground of III - V centuries A.D.) 20-31
Kotov P.P. Ownership of land allotments given to appanage peasants in the European North of Russia after the land allocation measures of 1863 (on the materials from the Solvychegodsk uyezd of Vologda province) 32-40
Shmykova M.L. Uyezd Zemstvos and Their Participation in the Development of Postal Service in the Udmurt Region 41-48
Ligenko N.P. «Address calendar of Ural trade and industry» as mass source for investigation of social- economic region history X1X - XX c. (based on Udmurt republic's data) 49-56
Dianov S.A. The organization of local Glavlit in the Ural in 1922-1934 57-66
Beloshapka N.V. Policy of cultural interchange between the USSR and other socialist countries: peculiarity of definition and difficulty in realization 67-74
Merzlyakova G.V., Danshina S.A. Evolution of higher professional education management in 1990th of the XXth century (on the materials of Middle Volga region) 75-82
Korotkova M.N. «End of history» or «clash of civilizations»? Issue of the future of world order 83-89
Kosareva I.A. Verkhneizh-sharkan ethnic group of udmurt people (in the light of the problem of udmurt-turk interaction) 90-96
Goldina E.V. Beads of Bartym monument complex 97-105
Yevseyenko T.P. «Self-strengthening» of policy and status of a citizen in Rome - V - III centuries BC 106-109
Skobelkin O.V. Defectors and prisoners of war: Enlistment of Western Europeans into the Russian military service during the 16th century wars 110-113
Aksanov A.V. Kazan war of 1549-1550 in the representations of the contemporaries 114-118
Melnikov S.L. Cognitive opportunities of the category «Social Character» in studying of the social transformations in Russia of the second half of the 19th century 119-122
Kopinova N.S. The Societies of Sobriety in Vyatka-Kama region at the second half of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th century 123-126
Polyakov A.G. The essence of Victorian trend in Russian Orthodox Church from the point of view of supporters of Metropolitan Sergiy (Stragorodsky) (October, 1927 - beginning of 1929) 127-130
Pluyko D.V. «White» terror as a basic form of social opposition in Siberia in the works of the first Soviet historians of the Civil War 130-135
Zakharchenko A.V. Manufacture activity and economical interest of NKVD - MVD in the postwar economy of the USSR (1945-1950): interdepartment conflicts and governmental arbitrage 136-141
Posadova N.V. Migrants in the capital of the Udmurt Republic: factors of socio-cultural adaptation 142-148
Atamanov M.G. Fish cult in the religio-mythological views of Udmurts and its trace in ethnonyms 149-154
Batalova L.V. Batalova Foundation and development of the youth tourism in Udmurtia 155-158
, 159-161
Krylasova N.B. «Ugric Epoch in the Kama Region» Should Be Discussed 168-175
Year 2012 Issue 1 Total articles: 27