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History & Philology
Year 2012 Issue 2 Total articles: 25
Author(-s) Name of article Pages
Shlyakhova S.S., Lobanova A.S. System of Genres of Speech in Komi-Permyak Language 3-16
Kel'makov V.K. On the History of One Bulgarism in Udmurt Language and Linguistics 17-22
Tarakanov I.V. On the study of Udmurt-Turkic language contacts history 23-31
Shutov A.F. Extended parts of sentences as semantic analogies of subordinate clauses in Udmurt language 32-37
Pushina N.I. Semiotics of the 18th century English park and garden culture in fiction text 38-44
Kuzmina A.V. Nonce words in idiolekt of the P.I. Karpov 45-50
Aleksandrova Ye.M. Chiastic wordplay as a mechanism of creating comic effect in joke tradition 51-56
Donetskikh L.I. Poetics of O. Mandelshtam through intertextuality 57-63
Kopysova E.A. Color image of L. Andreev's world: White color 64-69
Lelis E.I. Narrow and broadside approaches to understanding of implied sense 70-74
Shtyrlina E.G. Year in J. Brodsky's poetic language 75-82
Malykh L.M. Logic-gnoseological and cognitive approaches to the study of the category of comparison in linguistics 83-91
Sheidayeva S.G. Delighted with a long-awaited flight: сoncept 'soul' in Anna Verina's verse 92-96
Balandina E.S. The dynamics of images of language consciousness (on the material of associative experiment) 97-102
Seagal K.Ya. The units of functional syntax 103-109
Ivshina T.P. Adverb ready" in the Russian language: formation and usage 110-114
Getner A.E. Adjectives as a special class of names in Russian grammar books of late 16-18 centuries 115-121
Butorina N.V. Semantic analysis of the word science in diachrony and synchrony (based on European languages) 122-126
Milutina M.G., Kashitzynа E.G. Features of the antonymicаl system in M.I. Tsvetaevа prose 127-134
Pushina L.A. Sylleptic use of vocabularly in fables by J. de La Fontaine and I.A. Krylov 135-140
Yerushova A.S. Ways of introduction of inclusions in texts of little prose of the beginning of XXI centuries 141-145
Palashevskaya I.V. Genre organization of legal discourse: sociolinguistic approach 146-151
Torokhova E.A. The language policy in the Udmurt Republic 152-158
Year 2012 Issue 2 Total articles: 25