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History & Philology
Year 2012 Issue 3 Total articles: 26
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Gladkov A.K. Arbor scientiarum: pedagogical theories and new educational models in twelfth century West 3-9
Voytovich L.V. The final stage of struggle for the «Kingdom of Rus'» 10-15
Golovko A.B. The meeting of civilizations in the middle of XIIIth сent.: the State of the Romanovichs' between the catholic West and Mongolian East 16-24
Nikonov S.A. Economic development of Murmansk shore in the Kola Peninsula by the Kholmogory Episcopal household at the turn of the XVIIth - XVIIIth cc. 25-32
Ivonina L.I. The relations of West and East with Ferenz II Rakozi 33-38
Chernienko D.A. The Ukrainians of the Southern Transurals in the scientific literature of the second half of XVIIIth - beginning of XXth cent. 39-46
Ivanov A.V. The socio-political aspects of Izhevsk-Votkinsk rebellion (1918) in the Soviet historiography in the 1920s-1930s 47-54
Dmitriev P.N. Anti-Soviet conspiracy in Izhevsk in 1920: plan, course, the reasons of defeat 55-62
Repnikov D.V. Plenipotentiaries of the State Defensive Committee in memoirs of the Soviet Union's Great Patriotic war: a mechanism of appointment and functioning 63-72
Nikitina G.A. Kryasheny in Udmurtia: ethnocultural portrait 73-81
Khalyavin N.V. The problem of the administrative-territorial system of Novgorod in the pre-revolutionary home historiography 82-87
Chernov O.A. N.V. Charykov on the historical way of Russia 88-91
Bronnikov N.I. Аutobiography of S.A. Naymushin «My life in schism» as the source on the оld believer's history in the Vyatka province in the second half of XIXth c. 92-98
Kotlyarov D.A. The ritual behaviour of Ivan IV in the Kasan' campaign of 1552 99-102
Kotov P.P. The supervising of Tsar's apanage and its results: the example of the Russian European North 103-107
Ulyanov A.E. The development of leasing in the Penza province at the last third of XIXth - beginning of XXth cc. 108-113
Dobronozhenko G.F. From the idiologema «kulak» to the real social group of peasants - victims of repression (1918-1920-s) 114-118
Suslov A.B. The Reaction of Peasants in Perm Region to an Escalation of Repression at 1930 119-122
Danshina S.A. The development of higher social science education in the second half of XXth cent. 123-126
Batalova L.V. Batalova Excursion activity in the education of the pre-revolutionary Udmurtia (the second half of XIXth - beginning of the XXth cent.) 127-131
Popova E.V. Bread as ritual food and symbol in the customs by Besermyan 132-138
Yagovkina A.N. Historiography of Russian provincial theatre from the middle of XIXth to the beginning of XXth cent. 139-144
Zonov O.B. The relations between State and Church in the 1940s - 1950s: the regional aspect (on the materials of Central state archive of the Udmurt Republic) 145-149
Grigorieva M.R. The restructuring of the state cultural policy in the Russian Federation in the 1990s 150-154
Year 2012 Issue 3 Total articles: 26