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History & Philology
Year 2012 Issue 4 Total articles: 28
Author(-s) Name of article Pages
Zhitkova L.N., Prascheruk N.V. Three Ahasueruses in Russian classics 003-008
Zvereva T.V. Pictures by I.N. Kramskoy in structures of the novel by F.M. Dostoyevsky “Brothers of Karamazovy” 009-013
Nikolsky E.V. Wsevolod Solovyov’s perception of the French revolution and its representation in his novel «Sergei Gorbatov» 014-018
Abramova K.V. 019-026
Anpilova L.N. The metaphysics of love in the minor prose of the Russian expressionism 027-032
Mosaleva G.V. The problem of the Ineffable, and iconicity in I.S. Shmelev’s story «Kulikovo Pole» 033-037
Suslov P.A. «The rooming house of nonexistence» (space of death in V. Nabokov’s short stories) 038-042
Tsypushtanova M.A. Gogol’s text in creative reception by Nikolay Kolyada (play “Starosvetskaya liubov”) 043-046
Serebryakova E.G. Soviet liberal intelligentsia and power: from dialogue to monologue 047-054
Vasilyeva G.M. Translation as a text-interpretation 055-066
Strokina A.I. The Great Neighbourhood. Translation of the poem «Josef Weinheber» by W.H. Auden 067-071
Chudova T.I. Food symbolies in the context of calendar ceremonialism of komi (zyryan) 072-079
Vanyushev V.M. Udmurt heroical epos “Dorvyzhy” and Kalistrat Zhakov's “Biarmy”: Common features and peculiarities 080-083
Alexandrova O.Ya. Sacral and mysterious components of contemporary performance art 084-086
Tolkacheva S.V. Immanent qualities of poetic image of a bride in Russian wedding songs and lamentations of Udmurtia 087-094
Arzamazov А.A. Infinitive letter in the poetry of Flor Vasiliev: structural and semantic variatios 095-100
Starkova G.I. Polyfunctionality of publications of udmurt literature in the pre-war youth press 101-106
Pavlova I.F. Development of the educational book in Udmurtiya in 1917 – 1941 107-113
Vysotskih I.K. Charities in struggle against children's homelessness in 1920s (on materials of VAO) 114-118
Vasilyev L.G., Kasyanova Yu.I. Argument and its structural interpretation 119-125
Kopylova T.R. Silence as a sign of culture 126-129
Lelis E.I. Grammatical unity of a literary text as a means of realizing its semantic structure 130-135
Votyakova I.A. Study of the derivational representation of Russian concepts in view of their synonymous relations (through the concept sadness) 136-139
Osokina V.A. Non-prefixed verbs marked -iva-/-yva- in the official monuments of the ancient Slavic literature used not for sharing personally oriented information 140-146
Kuzmina T.V. Features of temporal organization of B.A. Akhmadulina’s poetry (through the analysis of one of the poems) 147-152
Zvereva T.V. 167-168
Year 2012 Issue 4 Total articles: 28