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History & Philology
Year 2013 Issue 1 Total articles: 25
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Bubenok O.B. Hierarchy of power and ruling system in political associations of medieval nomads in Eurasia (comparative analysis) 003-009
Kozlovsky S.V. Divination in the social practice of the Old Rus 010-016
Musikhin A.L. «Short Chronicle of Olden Times» - the monument of Russian chronicle from the second half of XVII century: the stage of present research 017-023
Pislegin N.V. Community in ordinary life of peasants of Udmurtia. Materials of the end of XVIIIth – the first part of the XIXth centuries 024-032
Borovets I.I. The question of Slovakia during the World War I 033-038
Morozov N.M. The time of Russian civilization in the humanities (on the materials of domestic historiography at the end of XX th – beginning of XXI th centuries.) 039-048
Nikitin L.V. Liberalization of the U.S. banking system in the 1980s: regional aspects 049-057
Shutova N.I. History of St. Nikolas the Wonderworker’s honoring in the Kama-Viatka region 058-064
Kazantseva О.А. The study of the archaeological sites of the Bardymsky district in the Perm region 065-073
Mitryakov A.E. Ceramic assemblage of Partyzanskoe II settlement in the Middle Kama region 074-078
Kazakov E.P. The fall of Khazaria and its reflection in the archaeological materials of Volga Bulgaria 079-083
Lyadova V.V. “Zemstvo” medical society as a factor of development of civil relations in Perm province (second half of the XIXth – beginning of the Xxth centuries 084-088
Krasnozhenova E.E. The decision of problem of children's homelessness and neglect in the Lower Volga region during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) 089-093
Nurieva I.M. The role of N.M. Grekhovodov in the formation of Udmurt musical folklore studies 094-099
Belykh S.K. Ethnicity and «ethnic markers» in archeology (polemic notes) 100-105
Sabirova T.M. The study of the fibulae of the Kama region in the Russian archaeology 113-118
Myasnikov N.S. Ceramic sinkers and spindles from the Pichke Sarche hill fort (to the question about the development of spinning and weaving in the Lower Sura river region in the first centuries AD) 119-124
Mtskhvariashvily A.D. Montenegro in the 1860s (according to the published notes of Count I.P. Ignatiev) 125-128
Kozlova D.A. Trading houses in Sarapul merchant dynasties. Industrial and commercial activities 129-133
Turkevich A.L. Department of General History in UdSPI-UdSU: first steps, establishing and evolution 134-139
Petrov A.V. 140-141
Year 2013 Issue 1 Total articles: 25