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History & Philology
Year 2013 Issue 2 Total articles: 26
Author(-s) Name of article Pages
Tarakanov I.V. Analytical verb structures in Udmurt 003-007
Efremov D.A. On postposition government in Udmurt 008-015
Gavrilova V.G. Mari – Russian code-switching and code-mixing 016-022
Yunakovskaja A.A. Ugristarum in Middle Priirtyshye 023-031
Vodyasova L.P. Ways to connect the components of complex syntax integer in modern èrzâ language 032-038
Shlyakhova S.S. Sound symbolism in the Komi-Permyak language: initial set of consonants, morpheme, word. Part 1 039-046
Abukaeva L.A., Glizerina L.M., Rubtsova O.G. The semantic description of medicinal plants’ nomination in the languages with different systems (on the material of Russian, Latin, Mari and German) 047-055
Donetskikh L.I., Nypadymka A.S. Structural types of compositional organization for meaning content of the image of the word “pain” in the poetics of Yu.Drunina 056-062
Florya A.V. Analysis of literary text through cohesion 063-070
Kel'makov V.K. To Gerd’s Textology I: “Words, words, words.” in modern rendering of the verses by Kuzebai Gerd 071-080
Zajnullina S.R. Traditional formula as a component of Old Russian text 081-086
Loktev B.E. Regular and complicated segmentation by reading of non-punctuated text (on the material of French prose) 087-093
Lelis E.I. Phono-rhythmic organization of a fictional text as a sphere of implication forming 094-100
Palastrov A.V. Semantic-structural features of symbolic word «time» in the poetry by Leonid Martynov 101-110
Malykh V.S. The problem of personality’s limits in N.S. Gumilev’s poem “The Memory”: intersystem horizon of interpretation 111-120
Matyushina V.G. The category of “transformation” in F.N. Glinka’s “Attempts in Holy Poetry” 121-125
Novikova L.A. Abbreviation as phenomenon of Internet intercultural communication 126-133
Maximova Yu.A., Milutina M.G. Political metaphoric system of L.D. Trotsky (through anthropomorphous metaphors) 134-138
Ivanova T.K. Structural-semantical peculiarities of the complex nomination of a person in the Russian and German languages 139-146
Makarova E.N. Intonation of «event sentences» in English 147-152
Kuzmina T.V. Past tense in B.A. Akhmadulina’s poetry 153-158
Karakulov B.I. To the question on essence of the literary language and its regional variants 159-165
Orlova O.G. Methods of Conceptual Analysis 166-172
Milutina M.G., Chirkova N.I. The word fool and its derivatives as subject of forensic linguistic enquiry 173-177
Moscheva S.V. The polymodality of media (advertising) tests 178-187
Donetskikh L.I. 188-190
Year 2013 Issue 2 Total articles: 26