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History & Philology
Year 2013 Issue 4 Total articles: 25
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Rad E.A. Variability of the archetypal plot of the Prodigal Son in Russian literature of XVIII century 3-9
Rudakova S.V. Tragedy of the person in "Scoundrel" by E.A. Boratynsky 9-16
Proskurina Yu.M. The peculiarities of Russian realism of the mid-XIXth century 17-24
Nestyuricheva N.A. Reminiscential measurement of Dostoevsky's novel «The village Stepanchikovo and its inhabitants» 25-32
Rubtsova N.S. The conception of game by F.M. Dostoyevsky in domestic study of literature: to the problem definition 33-37
Nagina K.A. Decaying House: Fate of Anna Karenina 38-47
Dubovtsev A.N. The protoacmeist motives of "primitive prose" by N. S. Gumilev ("Death doomed", "Cain’s daughters") 48-55
Rylova A.E. Meaning of Italian text of culture for representation of way's motive in Zaitsev's works 56-62
Sabirova L.A. A narrator in L. Lunts’s shot stories 63-68
Zvereva T.V. Picturesque space in Dmitry Kedrin's drama “Rembrandt” 69-74
Serebryakova E.G. From “Sixties” to “Discent”: a few words on the evolution of events 75-82
Pasechnaya I.N. Peculiarities of the English neo-romanticism in children's literature at the turn of XIX - XX centuries 83-87
Ivanova E.R. The world of things in the poetry of Edward Merike 88-92
Ageyeva M.G. Receptions of the detective story narrative in the contemporary literary theory 93-97
Donetskikh L.I., Osokina V.A. Non-prefixed verbs suffixed -iva-/-yva-in the original and translated manuscripts by Duke Antiokh Kantemir 98-102
Osokina V.A. Non-prefixed verbs suffixed -iva-/-yva-in “Patriarch Nikon’s case” 103-107
Donetskikh L.I., Lelis E.I. Grammatical means of implication formation in the story “Gusev” by A.P. Chekhov 108-115
Lelis E.I. Grammatical means of implication formation in the A.P. Chekhov's prose (word-formation level) 116-121
Cherneiko L.O., Marianicheva T.A. Functions of alcoholic words in the texts by S. Dovlatov 122-127
Patrusheva L.S. Functional-stylistic peculiarities of web forum as a communication genre 128-134
Tolkacheva S.V. The symbolism of the bride’s ritual transition in the Russian wedding folklore of Udmurtia 135-141
Ibragimov M.I. National identity and the theory of the author 142-146
Limerov P.F., Sozina Ye.K. Kallistrat Zhakov's poetic mythology in a cultural and philosophic context 147-156
Podshivalova E.A. Typology of characters and genre models in the novel “Ramenye” by D.P. Bor-Ramensky 157-162
Podshivalova E.A. 163-165
Year 2013 Issue 4 Total articles: 25