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Series History and Philology


Year 2008 Issue 1 Total articles: 19
Author(-s) Name of article Pages
Kuptsova O.N. Comedy of A.N.Ostruvsky The Forest: an experience of historical and theatrical commentary 3-12
Shulga E.B. The metaphor of water in N.S. Leskov's chronical The Cathedral Folk (based on the literary history of the chronical) 13-26
Konstantinova N.V. Poprishchin's writing in a narrative strategies of F.M. Dostoevsky 27-38
Nicolaeva E.G. Type of Peterburg's dreamer in the novel of F.M. Dostoevsky White nights 39-46
Tamontseva Yu.V. Idea of ballet libretto and its place in architectonic unity of A Poem Withowt a Hero 47-52
Medvedeva N.G. The image of China in the russian poetic tradition (N. Gumilev, O. Sedakova, J. Brodsky) 53-72
Sergo Yu.N. Some aspects of translation theme in contemporary Russian literature 73-80
Vladykina T.G. 81-82
Vladykina T.G. Visual and acoustic myths in Udmurts' communication 83-88
Chernykh A.V. Christmas and New Year folklore in ethnic traditions of Russians of Upper-Kama region in 2nd half of XIX and 1st half of XX centuries 89-108
Podjukov I.A. Stylistic features of modern Sacred poetry in Kama region 109-116
Arzamazov А.A. On the hermeneutic reconstruction of «chuzh» and «vozh» folklore lexemes 117-130
Glukhova G.A. The «Hemp head» custom in the Udmurt wedding tradition: from the form to the idiom 131-136
Shushakova G.N. Udmurt lyric songs' poetry as a mirror of philosophic outlook 137-142
Tamarkina E.A. Calendar ceremonies in Udmurtia in XXth century 143-150
Ignatova A.V. Strategy and tactics of folklore interview: from experience of educational practice 151-160
Zolotova T.A. , Izhutkin V.S. New information Technologies and Folklore Teaching 161-168
Kadochnikova I.S. «Ja ljublju eti dni, kogda zamysel ves' uzhe jasen...» (Structural models in book-making of Ju. Levitansky) 169-178
Suvorova O.V. Semantic of flesh and fruit in O.E. Mandelshtam's poetry. Mipho-poetic aspect 179-188
Year 2008 Issue 1 Total articles: 19