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History & Philology
Year 2010 Issue 4 Total articles: 28
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Kulikova Е.Yu. On Mandelstam's Voyage to Villon 3-11
Nagina K.A. «Snow-storm - passion» and «snow-storm - fate» in the Russian literature of the XIX century 12-20
Oleynik A.N. «We have been going for a long time already, and have been suffered long» (about a motif in Chekhov's works) 21-28
Kochkina N.Yu. New tendencies of the genre tradition in Russian literature of the first half of the XX century (on the material of the novels of A. Mariengof «Cinics», «Novel without lie» and of V. Zazubrin «Two worlds») 29-33
Ibatullina G.M. The genre archetype of menippea in the poetics of comic novellas by M. Zoschenko 34-45
Vakhrusheva A.N. A romantic conception of personality in the tragedy «Ermak» by A.S. Homyakov 46-50
Pavlova A.A. Marionettes in Saltykov-Schedrin's art 51-54
Podshivalova E.A. Anthropology of an Artist in the Russian Literature of the 1920th 55-61
Buchkina Е.А. The role of the «birthing and dying» deity mythologeme in the construction of the autobiographical myth of K. Balmont 62-64
Ignatova A.V. Narration in first person in the novel «Sugary German» of S. Klychkov 65-70
Sergo Yu.N. The author's position in the book of L. Petrushevskaya «A little girl from the Metropol» 71-76
Kudryashova Yu.I. Rachel as a blissful death in a poem of Teffi Idu po bezvodnoy pustine… 77-83
Medvedeva N.G. On the semantics of the «last verse» in J. Brodsky's poetry 84-95
Kundaeva N.N. Impressionistic component in the structure of the synthetic image of the world (based on materials of the cycle of A. Vesely's "Conjectures") 96-103
Polishchuk N.A. Literary Jazz as narrative and expressive strategy of American literature (based on works by Toni Morrison) 104-110
Kadochnikova I.S. The art synthesis and it's role in the formation of a new principle of art psychologism in the Russian lyric poetry of the second half of the 20th century (based on material of Arseny Tarkovsky's works) 111-118
Tolkacheva S.V. Spatial pattern in Russians wedding ceremonies characteristic for the north of Udmurtia 119-123
Nurieva I.M. Musical and Style Features of Wedding Songs of the Udmurts living in the Lower Cheptsa Region 124-130
Fedorova L.P. Prose of Lidia Nyankina: traditions and novations (gender interpretation) 131-136
Lelis E.I. A word as an ideological and aesthetic constant of a subtext 137-140
Osokina V.A. On the Discrepancies in the Descriptions of non-prefixal verbs with the suffix -iva-/-yva- in the Russian Language Dictionary of the 12th-17th centuries (Vol. 1-25) 141-144
Medvedeva T.S. The concept space in Russian and German linguistic cultures 145-151
Ivanova A.M. Morphosyntax problems in works by N.I. Ashmarin 152-156
Timenchik R.D. The Poetics of early Akhmatova: the increased suggestiveness 157-166
Uvarova I.P. Modern Puppet Show 167-176
Year 2010 Issue 4 Total articles: 28