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History & Philology
Year 2011 Issue 2 Total articles: 26
Author(-s) Name of article Pages
Goryanova L.N. Actualization of notional characteristics of the Russian concept WISDOM 3-7
Evdokimova A.A. Ways of objectivation of concept love in the Russian language- related worldview 8-12
Ardasheva T.G., Merzlyakova A.Kh. Verbalization of the Concept Freedom in Law Texts 13-18
Mushnikova E.N. Semantic structure of zoometaphor horse: dynamism of formation 19-25
Ryabkova I.P. Peculiarities of verbalization of the concept WAY in political statements in Russian and English (based on statements of Russian and American presidents of the late XX - early XXI centuries) 26-35
Aukhadieva F.S. Transposition potential of the verb Sein in German language (on the problem of the nomination of being) 36-45
Medvedeva T.S. The concept Sicherheit in German linguistic culture 46-52
Votyakova I.A. Aspects of word formation in the analysis of the concept joy in Russian and Spanish languages 53-58
Alikina E.V. Taxonomy aspect of interpretation 59-66
Shutyomova N.V. Composition of the original in poetic translation 67-73
Demidova E.V. Art thing in the inner world of an original text and in translation texts 74-77
Zuga O.V. Lexical variation in synaxarion of panteleimon gospel (delya - radi) 78-86
Yatsuk N.D. Semantic and derivational peculiarities of Y. Polyakov's lexical occasionalisms 87-95
Nekrasova T.P., Zahraei Seyed Hassan The difficulty of semantic innovation perception in Russian language by foreigners 96-99
Titova O.V. Borrowed Harness Names in the Udmurt Language 100-104
Malykh L.M. Status of the category of comparison in contemporary linguistic research 105-110
Kondratyeva N.V. About the problem of double case in the contemporary Udmurt language 111-117
Maryina O.V. Сooperation of disintegrative syntactic processes in Russian literary texts created in 1980s - 2000s 118-123
Parasutskaya M.I. The manipulation and the manipulative discourse in linguistic: the principles of investigations 124-129
Kotova L.N. On one of the types of implied gaps 130-136
Sidorova M.Y., Shuvalova O.N. Constructed languages as gender experiments 137-145
Lelis E.I. Short Story by A.P. Chekchov "Let me sleep": on the Issue of the Types of a Subtext 146-152
Potorochina I.P. The role of the keyword garden in representation of the literary concept space in the novel cycle The Dark Avenues by I. Bunin 153-156
Palastrov A.V. Symbolic word «love» in the poetic clichés of A. Voznesensky 157-164
Year 2011 Issue 2 Total articles: 26