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History & Philology
Year 2013 Issue 3 Total articles: 27
Author(-s) Name of article Pages
Gladkov A.K. Humilis, indignus, parvus: rethoric and social reality in medieval Latin epistolography 003-011
Derbin E.N. The political structure of Old Rus’ in the views of historical schools in Russia and Ukraine at the end of XIX th – beginning of XX th centuries 012-020
Khalyavin N.V. The christening of Novgorod in pre-revolutionary home historiography 021-027
Mayorov A.V. Mongol-Tatars and the princes of North-Eastern Russia 028-036
Vakhruschev A.А. The Vyatka press in the period of the first Russian revolution 037-045
Bilan S.A. The development of the Stakhanov movement in the rural economy of Ukraine in the 1930-s of XX th century 046-054
Rodionov N.A. Regional aspects of international cooperation in the sphere of elimination of chemical weapons in Russia 055-062
Kuryanovich A.V. The Constitutional Crisis in Republic of Belarus 1996: Reasons, Escalation, Overcoming 063-072
Kotyshev D.M. Pereyaslavl Russky in the Southern Russian chronicles of XI th century 073-076
Penskaya T.M., Penskoy V.V. The Main War of Ivan the Terrible 077-083
Panchenko S.Yu. The career of one voivode by Ivan the Terrible: Fyodor Sheremetev 084-089
Borodin S.V. Institutional formation of Russian Studies in Germany 090-094
Kopinova N.S. The role of Malmyzh Society of fine arts amateurs in the organization of public leisure at the end of XIX th. – beginning of XX th. century 095-098
Chernienko D.A. Ethno linguistic processes by the Ukrainians of Transurals 099-104
Mikhailov А.Yu. Key concepts of description for orthodoxy in the late Russian Empire: the problem of formulating, analytical language 105-111
Stepankov V.V. Political elite in history: problem of its essence 112-117
Utkina N.A. V.G. Korolenko and museum building in Nizhny Novgorod 128-134
Burik N.M. Deviant behavior of clergymen and antireligious fight of 1920th (on the materials of Altai press) 135-140
Blinov M.L. Hard drinking as social phenomenon in the Soviet town in the 1920-s (on materials of Izhevsk) 141-146
Merzlyakova G.V., Batalova L.V. Batalova Foundation and development of domestic tourism in Udmurtia 147-160
Year 2013 Issue 3 Total articles: 27